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Majority of Working Mothers Want to Continue Working
Low interest credit cards are an ideal choice for those who are looking for the much needed financial flexibility to become debt free. Many of you many wonder how low interest rate credit cards can help get you out of debt, when it appears on the surface, that most credit cards seem to help get people into debt. But if used wisely and with discipline, these type of cheap credit cards can provide the right kind of financial assistance during any tough financial crisis. How Can I Get Out of Debt with Low Interest Credit Cards?You need cash immediately to get out of the debt created by high interest credit cards but you have no option to raise the money right? What if a company offers low interest credit cards as low as 0% APR as an introductory offer? And, what if they give the option of transferring your card balance from your high interest rate credit card to your low interest credit card? Yes! You would probably consider it a windfall because it can really help bail you out of your current financial situation. If you are wise, you can make great use of such low interest credit cards to assist you in paying your outstanding debts. There are several credit card companies offering their service at unbelievably low rates. The truth of the matter is that these type of cards utilize different promotional offers in order to rope in new customers, but also to retain existing customers as well. You definitely should not need shy away from this type offer because of outstanding debts. In fact, these types of low interest credit card offers are tailored uniquely for your circumstance. The competition among credit card companies is so high that there will be several companies willing to do business with you irrespective of your financial situation, good credit or not so good.The greatest advantage of low interest rate credit cards is obviously their low APR. It allows you to save a lot of money on interests. The savings from these types of cheap credit cards should be used to aggressively bring down your outstanding card balances. Remember, it is the balance on credit cards that gets you in trouble. So, you should try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. You might think that by making a small payment that you are at least paying something, however, it does not solve the problem as the principal amount actually grows if you only make small or minimum payments. Financial DisciplineSome people use low interest credit cards as a license to overspend as the APR is so low and cheap. But nothing could be further from the truth. Low interest rate credit cards alone cannot get you out of debt traps. Strict financial discipline and proper financial planning is necessary for it. Low interest credit cards can then act as a booster or catalyst to solve your debt problems. To avoid further debt traps, you should aggressively pay down the low interest credit card and utilize the card for additional purchases only if you can pay off both the new purchases as well as the existing debt payment. Remember, however, that if your card balance is large, it is best not to charge additional items on the card. You should focus on paying down the balance before incurring additional debt.Things to RememberBefore applying for low interest rate credit cards, you should thoroughly assess your current financial situation. Keeping your personal financial situation in mind, you can mindfully search for the different types of low interest credit cards. Most people obviously want to transfer balances of high interest credit cards to low interest credit cards, and this is a very good option as it can save substantially on finance charges. Make sure that transfer fees or other miscellaneous fees that might be involved do not negate the savings captured by a low interest card. Some cheap credit cards might have high interest rates that are applied to balance transfers, but lower APR's on an ongoing basis, while some low interest rate credit cards only give introductory rates for a specific period of time. Before selecting any one of the low interest credit cards, get a clear idea about the introductory rate, balance transfer rate, cash advance rate as well as the ongoing long term APR.

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Market Yourself with a Resume That Gets Results
The excitement of owning your own business can lead you to great places. Make sure though, that you take the time to accurately assess your ideas and know what you will and will not do. Be specific. You are going to need to have a list of goals in order to design your business in a way that is viable. If you think you can make this up as you go, you may find that you get frustrated when the paperwork starts to pile up.If you need a startup loan from a bank, you will need to write a business plan. Business plans must follow a strict format, requiring details ranging from a mission statement to financial projections. Even if you do not require a loan or a business plan, many other forms require you to narrow the focus of your business as well. Your type of business will be coded on your business license. Performing tasks outside the scope of your license can open you up to civil liability. Your insurance company will also need to know the specifics of your type of work in order to insure you appropriately.Taking the time to hone the focus of your enterprise will aid you in making a lot of decisions. It can help you decided where, and to whom, you will advertise. It can help you identify the needs of your customers and can help you try to find a specific niche that may give you a leg up on your competition.Brainstorming can help you to choose a direction. Begin with your general idea, and then write down every job task or product that fit into the category. For example, your basic concept may be "painting." Examples of specific job tasks are: faux finishing, interior painting, exterior painting, and commercial painting. Also list related job tasks. For painting, related jobs might be: carpentry, drywall installation and/or repair, and fence construction and/or repair.Once you have generated a list of tasks, decide which ones interest you. Cross off any that are simply not in the direction you want to go. Categorize those that remain into those you wish to perform immediately, and those that you plan to offer as part of an expansion later. Your list of expansion tasks will then give you a goal to work towards, as part of a five-year plan.With a final list of products or services that you plan to offer immediately, you can begin to shape the focus of your company. You mission and vision statements can now be decided. These short statements project volumes about your company, and should be taught to every employee you hire.By taking the time to write down what your company does, you prevent yourself from making the mistake of trying to do things that you may not be equipped to do. As you sit and formulate your goals and ideas you may come to a better understanding of what you want to accomplish and you may find your unique hold on the marketplace. If you can identify services and products that no one else can, then you have a tremendous advantage.

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There're many ways to conduct online job search. However, many job seekers only think of posting resumes and searching opportunities on big job sites like, and etc. There's nothing wrong with it, but according to a survey conducted by, of all hires in 2002, only 3.6% come from, 1.5% come and 0.5% come from Morever, many companies only advertise their job openings on their own company websites and some other speciality websites. Wouldn't it be nice if you can use search engines to find these opportunities that are ignored by other job seekers? Before we go any further of how to conduct online job search, I would like to talk a little bit about Boolean Logic. If you are a math or a computer student, you may have already known it. Actually, it's very powerful, yet simple to use in search engines. The following are some of the most popular Boolean operators, modifiers and field search commands. AND: Collects documents that include all terms.Google default operator. Example: job AND nursing OR: Collects documents that include at least one of the terms.Example: nurse OR rn NOT Collects documents that include the term that precedes it but not the term that follows it.AltaVista: AND NOT; Google: - (e.g. ??submit); All The Web: ANDNOTExample: manager AND NOT sales NEAR Collects documents with both terms that are within close proximity to each other (usually 10 terms or less).AltaVista ONLY. Useful for finding contacts within a specific location.Example: manager NEAR marketing Quotation Marks ??" Specify an exact phraseExample: ??SAS programmer" Parenthesis () Define a search subsetNot used in GoogleExample: (iowa OR ia) AND (manager OR director) Wildcard Symbol * Matches any type and number of characters.AltaVista ONLY.Example: manag* url: Look for keywords in the document URL.Google: inurlExample: url:position AND ibm title: Look for keywords in the document title. Google: intitleExample: title:position AND merk link: Look for pages linked to a particular URL.Example: host: Scans a specific computer or host of a URL.Example: domain: Looks for pages within a specific domain like .com, .org, .edu.Example: AND nurse like: Looks for pages related in contentAltaVista: like:Google: related:Example: filetype: Looks for pages with a specific file type attached or documentedExample: filetype:xls OR filetype:pdf Now, let's say you're a pharmacist and is looking for a new job in boston area. So you can go to and conduct online job search using the following string: url:job AND pharmacist AND contact AND position AND boston If you use, you don't need to type in AND since it's default operator in Google. So you can just use: inurl:job pharmacist contact position boston Now look at some more complicated online job search examples: (url:(job* OR opening* OR position* OR employ*) OR title:(job* OR opening* OR position* OR employ*)) AND send AND benefits AND opening AND EOE AND contact AND "SAS programmer" AND boston ("resumes@" OR "jobs@" OR "careers@" OR "hr@" OR "human resources") AND (apply OR "send us" OR "send your" OR submit OR "fax us" OR "fax your") AND ("organic chemist" OR medicinal chemist") AND (synthesis OR synthesize) Now you see the power of online job search? Try different key word combinations and use them in different search engines. Some links you find might be junk links, but keep trying, as long as you pick up right key word combination, you should be able to find many job opportunities that are buried in deep deep web and are ignored by other job seekers. Happy searching.

There has been much talk about the Mexico real estate market and what it will bring in 2008. When talking about this real estate market, it seems that the US property market is closely associated. On the surface, this may look like a fairly gloomy outlook for Mexico 's real estate market, but research deeper than this basic generalisation and you will quickly find a clear and promising outlook for the Mexican real estate market in 2008.In the past 5 years the property market throughout Mexico has continued to appreciate steadily, with a mixture of homes and condo's, both new and resale properties. Traditionally the Mexican property market was strongly driven by those American's who were looking for a second or vacation home in the warm temperate climate of Mexico due to its value for money and low cost of living. In more recent decades Mexico has experienced an increasingly high number of retirees heading south of the US boarder for the same reasons.With the American market being such a dominant force on the Mexican real estate market, why then is it not necessary for America's current downturn and recessionary effects to impact Mexico's market to any great concern?The Mexico property markets popular with foreign investors such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta , Acapulco , and the Baja California Peninsular, continue to see strengthening growth in the large number of new development condos being built constantly, and with a large supply of such properties, they are continuing to meet with high demands. Many American buyers traditionally bought based on re-mortgaging their US homes to purchase a second home in Mexico . But the Mexican market, strongly pushed by the new property development investor market in these major areas, has greatly benefited from mortgage financing with major American and Mexican banks based in Mexico . Since the introduction of mortgage financing over the past approximately 5 years for foreign investors buying real estate in Mexico , the increase of foreign investment helped to strengthen the annual capital growth of the market each year. During this period the lending process and criteria for foreign investors has been well refined, only speeding up the process and frequency of foreign purchases of Mexican property.The International Monetary Fund released a report in December 2007 identifying some clear differences between the American and Mexican markets, therefore offering signs of stability which can surpass the current US property problems. The number of private mortgages in Mexico was preceded by a lengthy period of stagnation. The residential mortgage backed securities, popular in the US property market, are not common within Mexico so have a much less effect than if they were significantly higher in number. Finally, the International Monetary Fund also identified that securities such as Collateralized Debt Obligations, are almost non-existent among the Mexican financial sector.The first home buyer market in America is what seems to be hit hard, but there are certainly some strong areas where capital growth of property in America is still on the increase. It is the buying market who are looking for the second vacation home that is not really experiencing too much of the current recessionary effects in America.One very interesting consideration when speaking about the Mexican real estate market is the increase in Canadian buyers throughout many areas of Mexico . Canada has experienced a very strong dollar in recent times and their strong overall economy and increased property markets, especially in the main areas of Toronto and Vancouver, have led to a large number of Canadian home owners able to spend money on a second or vacation home in warmer climates, and Mexico, with its great value for money, is attracting many buyers.Mexico 's economic status remains strong, with commercial banks offering lower mortgage rates than in previous years and remaining stable and profitable, and the government has focussed strongly on reducing the public debt ratio and Mexico 's external debt, and keeping inflation low. So in summary the Mexican real estate market seems set to be a promising and steady market for investors throughout 2008. Outward influences from the US have not shown any real negative impact so far on Mexico 's property market and, as stated are not likely to have too much negative effect in the future. The other foreign investors from such markets as Canada , and even more popularly the UK and Europe are likely to pick up where any reduction in American investment may dwindle. Mexico has successfully established itself as a solid investment market, due to its popularity as a retirement destination and its ever increasing tourists visiting each year. Combine this with the governments focus on maintaining Mexico 's impressive economic growth and stability and it seems that Mexico should certainly remain a definite consideration when thinking of purchasing your own piece of Mexican real estate.Author: Jason Keiller

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